I got the blues (and nearly a stroke!)

I have had the worst on-call ever.   Five hours on Saturday with tech support in Texas and our own people, just to be told it would have to wait until Monday when the ” specialist” would be available.   Then the whole day Monday on conference calls.   Finally today the issue gets resolved.  My blood pressure was boiling.   I was getting in the middle of finger pointing and management breathing down my neck wanting an ETA.  This is not good for the diet either.  Stress to the max!

I am hoping for a better week but things keep breaking…..

At least this weekend I can relax.  My on-call is over and it is time for the Barbecue Brews and Blues Festival.  Yeah!


No wonder all PACS administrators are alcoholics.

Anyway,  I have been going to this festival for years.  It is a great time.  The street downtown is lined with micro brew booths.   You buy a wrist band for 30 bucks and drink the day away (maybe eat some BBQ) and listen to music performed live on 3 stages.


BrewFestDoesn’t  that chicken look delicious?


Isn’t that special he is actually eating a woman’s breast in public.


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