When monkeys fly out of my …..


Just when I thought it was going to be a wonderful weekend,  all hell broke loose on the home front.    And by Hell I mean the wicked witch from Oklahoma, Brandon’s (our son’s ) mother.

We had a wonderful time with Rick’s brother Rog and his daughter Jamie and her husband Omar at the Blues festival.  Then on Sunday Ricky gets a text from the wicked witch(TWW).    While we were partying in the streets she  flew in are her broom stick to visit Brandon.   You see Brandon has a new girlfriend and mommie doesn’t approve.

“Carrie is a disaster.  I fear from our sons safety!”  or words to that effect.    Serioously?  He is 40 years old and perfectly capable of making his own decisions, whether we like them or not.   I fear for Carrie’s safety with that woman in town.

The drama continued all through Sunday.  She invited Brandon and his girls to dinner, san girl friend, because they need to talk.   And so it went first a call from Carrie crying about how TWW didn’t even give her a chance.  Then a call from Brandon about TWW.   Ricky tried to mediate sending TWW texts saying she better be careful what she says cause she may not like the answers…yada yada yada…

Then TWW stood him up.   She is taking the girls to Monterrey on Wednesday.  One can only image the inquisition she will put them through.  Why can’t she just be straight forward and talk to Brandon and Carrie like adults instead of using the kids in her plot to destroy the relationship?

Fly away TWW and the sooner the better!!!



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