Cry me a river

So far we have talked about stress and how it has taken over my life.  Take a deep breath.  Hold it.  Now let it out slowly……bullshit I am going to kill something.  Probably me if I don’t get this under control.

This morning I got on the scales.  Not a pretty sight.   I am up 4 more pounds.   I am afraid to check in on MFP because the numbers will go negative if I tell the truth.

What to do about this?   Cry I guess.

I am going to be strong and do something about this problem I have of eating more then I move.   Now that the obesity is classified as a disease I supposed I could wait for a cure,  ha!  The food industry is out to get us.  They want us to be fat because it fills their wallets with lots of green when we fill our gullets with lots of crap.

Maybe crying is the answer.    What’s that song?  Cry me a river?  I bet that would make me lose a ton of weight.   But my eyes would be puffy.   I would trade in my belly for puffy eyes!   I am not even seeking those impossible washboard abs.   Just let me see my feet without putting them up on a foot stool first.

There is a miss conception that fat people are not flexible.  I have been flexing around this gut for years.   Try carrying a bowling ball around with you all day and still get your work done.  It’s not easy.  Okay so maybe it’s more like small child.  I guess women do this all the time, but you get my point.   You can put the child down for a nap!  And by the time they are 20 years old you aren’t still carrying them.  Well, physically that is, financially may be another story.

That is enough of my sad tale for today.  I hope to post a more positive situation soon.   I have not given up!

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