I’m going to Portland in the Morning…

Stress relief is in sight.  We are leaving for Portland tomorrow.   One week away from work and family!  Yeah!   The day I get back I am going to training in Dallas.  Another week away from family and work.  Double Yeah!

For those of you not familiar with Portland Oregon, it is a wonderful city sitting on the banks of the Columbia river.  There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy and it has a pretty decent nightlife as well as wonderful restaurants.   There is a district call Hawthorne that is sort of like Berkeley used to be in the 60s.   A land that time forgot.  It is very fun with unique eateries and shops.  There is also a Hollywood district.  This is sort of like Melrose with out the LA attitude.  Funky shops, antique stores, etc.   And there is a fairly large gay district downtown too.  It is the only place I have been where the strippers get totally naked.  But don’t touch!





Portland has one of the largest rose gardens I have ever visited.  Plus it is a nice day trip over to the shore to visit places like Astoria, and Cannon Beach.  Astoria has a district filled with old Victorian homes which remind me of San Francisco’s painted ladies.   There is a monument called the Column that offers breath taking views of the entire area at a vantage point Lewis and Clark are said to have included in their journeys up and down the rivers of America.

I am sounding a little like a travel agent, but if you haven’t visit the Northwest, put it on you bucket list.




2 Responses to “I’m going to Portland in the Morning…”

  1. Oh my gosh, you’ve just added fuel to the fire. I’ve known many friends and family that have visited Portland and it seems like basically my perfect vacation destination. I’m swooning over all your pictures!

  2. they have lovely wines there; the pinot noirs are especially nice.

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