I’ve got class

I’ve been here for four days. I miss my partner. For the gayest city in Texas it’s pretty sad for me by myself.

The good news is the class ends tomorrow, a day early.  I can change my flight to Friday morning and be back in Reno by lunch time.

Of course there fees to be paid. The airlines are fee happy these days.

I hate flying.  I am glad I didn’t know about that crash in San Francisco till after I got here. Before we took off the engine outside my window had to be inspected. I kept the blind down during take off and landing. I do feel for those people…

I have been known to cancel a trip over a bad dream days before departure. I have had no such premonition this time.

I am eating lunch alone. The people in the class have formed little cliches. And most of them came with others from their respective hospitals. I don’t get a friendly vibe, in fact the guy sitting next to me moved to the back after lunch the first day!  Do I smell bad or is it the gay aura they fear?  The instructors are nice to me. At 6000 a head they should be. I could hire a real man for much less, but could he teach me PACS Administration? He could probably teach me something or give it to me.


2 Responses to “I’ve got class”

  1. I wish you a safe and speedy home to loved ones!

  2. Say, is class out yet? New post please!

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