Parental visit on the horizon

My ability to post on this blog becomes ever so difficult. I was able to do this out of word, but the last time I tried it didn’t work. So I had to email it to home and then cut and paste it into my blog. Maybe that is a better solution because I rethink it before posting.

Anyway, I am in the dull drums at the end of the day here at work and wanted to talk to someone about something other than “hospital” crap. My parents are coming to visit this Saturday. It is a mixed blessing. First of all it means we don’t have to schedule a trip down there. But it comes with a price. They will stay with us far longer than I would have stayed with them.

So it will be CNN, MSNBC, and any other news channel you can think off 24/7 with a pot of coffee to wash it all down. Plus the volume could wake the dead. Dad will complain he is cold. Ricky will go hide and the bedroom and watch TV alone. We will get a few breaks taking them out to a casino for a few hours. But come Wednesday morning Mom won’t be able to speed out the driveway fast enough!

I love my parents, but I love to see them go home too!


One Response to “Parental visit on the horizon”

  1. God, I couldn’t imagine my parents visiting me. It was bad enough visiting them.

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