Fall is nearly here. This morning there was a chill in the air and that unmistakable fall smell. I can’t describe it exactly but it sort of dry and damp at the same time. I love it. It is also time for me to get back on the diet. I have got to do something about this before it causes even more health problems. I takes some commitment and no excuses. I just need to get through the first week and then it will be more manageable. My biggest problem is that I have a mindset that if a little of something is good than a lot is even better. Even though I know that a lot of something usually gives me indigestion and makes me feel bad.

For me the exercise thing is only part of the problem. I need to lose weight just so I can exercise. Call me vain but I am not putting on gym clothes and mingling with the other fatties at this size. It is disgusting. There are things I can do such as taking the stairs and walking. This will get me where I need to be before going to a fitness place to tone and look like a movie star. You know, like a Reynolds and we are not talking Debbie here. Unfortunately for me I look more like princess Leia and should be mailing postcards from the edge.

Wasn’t that a great movie? Carrie Fisher has Meryl Streep play her. Why can’t I have Ryan Reynolds play me?

Say what you will about his acting skills but I think he looks pretty hot.

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