Diet not so good!


It is day two of my attempt to get this diet thingy under control. All I think about is food. Last night I did well. I ate a chicken breast, boneless, skinless, tasteless, and some broccoli. But then we went to the Peppermill because I had some bonus points to collect and there that Gelato stand was begging me to have some. I did and not the sugar-free. I went for it and had Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Oh my gawd that stuff is sweet and delicious.

Today I kept the defeatist role going and had a grilled pastrami sandwich with crispy French fries…..Tonight we are going to go to a Mexican restaurant because Ricky wants Tacos al carbon. If I can stay away from the chips (fat chance) it might not be so bad. My mother is coming Saturday. She will remind me how fat I am and that I need to do something about it…. (which of course will make me want to eat more and forget about her visit!).



Of course, I love mommie dearest (and my mother too). My dad will feast on meat. He somehow got that Atkins diet in his head that says he can eat as much meat as he wants. No baked potatoes though, those went out with the wire hangers! Funny thing is he takes insulin so he can eat the starches and then he doesn’t eat them and then he wonders why his sugar is all out of whack. Parents are a real mystery no matter how old you get.

3 Responses to “Diet not so good!”

  1. The best diet I’ve ever had was falling in love. Of course I didn’t plan to lose weight but when I’m in love (or a hot and heavy affair) I lose weight. Presently I’m down about 14 lbs. to 156. If you have the opportunity, start that affair and you’ll find that you won’t need food as your “friend.” I love food but there is just something about being in love that kills my appetite for food.

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