Fade Friday

I wanted to post yesterday because it was Throwback Thursday, but I missed it. I have some old pictures to scan before I can participate. Maybe next week.


Today is TGIF. I remember that movie with the late Donna Summer. I don’t think it was that great a movie but I still remember it.

I was so in love with this woman I could have gone straight! I know she made those comments about us and later retracted them. Career suicide, but she was a part of my youth. I will never forget her. “Love to love you babe”.

Amazingly, they have not attempted to remake this film. Who could play Nicole Sims in the remake anyway? Macie Grace is too old. And Debra Winger got her start in this picture. Geez I am old. But so is Debra!

Gawd I would love to be held by Richard Gere like she was in “An Officer and A Gentlemen”.

He is old now too!!

But he still looks great.


Okay so maybe this is Throwback Friday or what should I call it? Fade Friday! I kind of like it.



2 Responses to “Fade Friday”

  1. I too was so disappointed with Donna Summer when she “found God” and went on her hateful path of demonizing gays who danced to her music. What was she thinking? And Deborah Winger, proof positive that some women don’t age well whereas many men do. Looking good Richard!

  2. Lucky men: they tend to still look good when they age.

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