Seasons Grief

Family saga continues. We were planning a Christmas in Disneyland. Our son doesn’t have his own place and it is hard to get to Reno sometimes in the snow. So it was decided we would have a family trip to the Magic Kingdom. We booked a family suite at a hotel near the park, two rooms, a living room with a foldout couch and a bedroom with two queens. Two bathrooms too. (You can’t have one bathroom with two teenage girls.)

Well it seems that our son wants to bring his girl friend now…..and so the drama unfolds. If she comes she will not be staying with us. She will stay with her daughters grandma. Okay…I guess. But our oldest granddaughter doesn’t like this woman and now she doesn’t want to go.

Two choices here: Make her go and deal with all the drama and fighting the whole time we are there, or tell son not to bring girlfriend.

We opted for the later and now son is not speaking to father….

To be fair Ricky didn’t tell him he couldn’t bring her, he just spelled out what the trip would be like if she came. This will be probably one of the last vacations with the oldest granddaughter. She is 17 and will be going off to college. She won’t want to do thing with us as much for awhile.

So what would the trip be like? Granddaughter would pout and complain that dad was not doing what she wanted to do because girl friend is monopolizing him. And on the other side girl friend would get moody and stay back at the hotel because granddaughter is being mean to her. Etc.

In other words, a typical if not traditional family Christmas, right? It will not be the “Happiest Place On Earth”.

Honestly, I want no part of it. Anyone have room for me in their Christmas plans? I am shopping for a new family.


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  1. that does sound dreadful, alas.

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