Holidays looking up!

I have been in a funk so I have not been writing on this blog. Plus I have been extremely busy at work and that includes after hours at home. It was probably for the better that I didn’t express my feelings here like “Debbie Downer”.

Halloween is over! I know many of you like this holiday and go overboard with the decorations and the parties. I do love to watch the costume parades, but this year I was on call and had to stay in town. Reno was pretty boring last night. I ate a rocky road gelato at Atlantis and called it a night around 9 pm.

My Christmas nightmare in Disneyland took care of itself. Funny how most stressful situation do work themselves out. My granddaughter got a part time job so she can’t go. Our son is a little tight for money because of his ex-wife (long story). So the trip was cancelled. Since Rick and I were already planning a trip, we changed our reservation to Palm Springs and have Christmas dinner reservations at Lulu’s, yeah!

Next weekend we are going to Las Vegas. I had free rooms and Rick had free rooms. So he booked a room for our son and his tattooed lady. We don’t plan to spend much time with them. It is her first visit to Vegas so he will be showing her the sights while we visit antique malls and discount stores. I am secretly hoping she will reveal her true self (the evil witch from Oz) and our son will dump her and her flying monkeys. One of our friends suggested I make him a boobie pillow as a replacement. Those things have cast some sort of spell on him.

I found these iBoobs on-line.

Speaking of boobies, did you catch Ellen’s Halloween costume? She went as Nicki Minaj


It was disturbing to watch. She even padded her ass.

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  1. I am glad to see you posting !

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