If I could turn back time….

Watching DWTS last night I was suddenly troubled by how old I am getting. Cher was a guest judge. The twitter question they asked her was “If you could turn back time what year would you go to?” She said, “The 80s,” because she had way too much fun in the 80s. I looked at her and thought see doesn’t look much different now than she did in the 80s (providing the camera doesn’t get too close and she doesn’t try to laugh or do anything that requires her face to move). She wore a feathered wig and a lot of fringe when she sang “I Hope You Find It.” It really did look like the 80s then.

The opening number was really the one to watch as she came down to the stage ah la Cats on a saucer lowered by heavy metal cables singing “Believe”.

I couldn’t find a good picture of her feathers but her is one anyway.


Cher is 67 years old and can still light up a stage and make audiences star struck. I on the other had am 53 years old and since the 80s have put on a hundred pounds and look like an old fat gay man (Chaz!). I wish I were her daughter/son.

I am not sure if young people are as big a fans of Cher as those of us who have see her on television and stage for 50 plus years. It was sweet of her to say that “I’ve got you babe,” was one of her favorite hits and that Sonny was the love o her life. The dancers reenacted her coffee shop meeting with him way back in the 60s. Oddly she allows the studio band to sing it. Most of the other songs were her recordings and not the band.

Okay, so you know I am a big fan. I got to see her once in Las Vegas several years ago. The ticket prices for her latest tour or probably out of my reach. But if I could turn back time I would be there at the Sahara in 1973 watching and dressed to kill.

One Response to “If I could turn back time….”

  1. 67?! I did not know !

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