Addicted to happy ending?

Sadly I tried on a sweater this morning that I had bought last winter on sale and it no longer fits! I gained back about 8 pounds and it made a big difference on this clingy sweater. You see it wasn’t clingy when I bought it. Now it is time to face facts. I am a couch potato. My entire life revolves around watching TV and eating. To that end I am about to blog about one of my favorite addition, “Once upon a time”.

You may recall I posted about the incredibly good looking villain, Captain Hook, from this show. This season they are making the Captain more likable, by telling his back story. It seems he was a “lost boy”. Lost boy, bad boy, it doesn’t seem to matter, audiences are attracted to the villains in this series and I can’t say that I don’t agree.

You see the good guys are boring…boring…boring. I am so sick of Snow White and her good two shoes personality. It is not normal. I want to see her dark side. I want the evil queen to win her over and darken that heart of hers, which is part of the plot line by the way. And then there is Prince Charming. This guy looks like a soap opera star but he is not appealing to me in any way. It’s not his looks it is his goodie goodie role that turns me off. And he is so in love with Snow White that you want to gag.

The wonderful people at Disney were not satisfied with stealing one night a week from my life. They created a spin off. At first I resisted the sexy commercials for “Alice In Wonderland”, but I was like a moth to a flame. I love Alice. I always have. The story line is really strange but I can’t help but watch it. It has the rabbit, the mad hatter, the caterpillar and all the usual suspects including the Knave of Hearts. The strange part is that somehow the story of Aladdin got thrown into the mix. You see Alice is in love with the genie and the handsome Knave of Hearts is helping her save him from Jaffar and the Red Queen (who just appends to be the Knaves ex-girlfriend before they landed in Wonderland).


Alice and the Genie

Alice and the Knave of Hearts – This is inside the insane asylum her father put her in because of her crazy stories about Wonderland and her Genie boyfriend. The Knave of Hearts and the White Rabbit rescue her just before she is headed for a lobotomy.

The Red Queen

So now for two nights I am trapped in this different worlds looking for a happy ending, but secretly hoping they never find one. I need to move some exercise equipment in front of the TV and lock the frig, if I am ever going to be thin again. Maybe Alice can share some of that “Drink Me” or is it “Eat Me” that makes you smaller. My luck I will get the wrong one.


One Response to “Addicted to happy ending?”

  1. Disney is up to no good with this one.

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