Bewitched by East End

It seems TV had a new obsession with mystical magical witchery. I told you about “Once Upon a Time” yesterday. There is a new “Dracula” series and “Sleepy Hollow” as well. I haven’t seen “Dracula” but even the long haired pretty boy on “Sleepy Hollow” can’t wake that show up. I do like the interracial approach that has been taken this time around. It makes me want to see that movie Nicole Beharie was in with Michael Fassbender back in 2011 called “Shame”. Here is an excerpt from the plot: “His company’s computer system has been compromised by a virus; in the cleanup, Brandon’s computer hard drive indicates an obsessive amount of surfing extreme porn sites, one of which is probably the source of the virus. Although Brandon, who is driven to masturbate in the bathroom stall at work, is responsible, it is assumed his intern is to blame.” OMG they have been on my computer!! This is my story!! HA!

Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie)

I am sorry for this side track. Actually, last night I got trapped into watching another new series on Lifetime called “Witches of East End”. I know, LT is famous for “Sap TV” and the special effects here are shameful, but two episodes into the marathon I was hooked. Two brothers are fighting for the love of one woman over 400 years. Wow! That is one intense love triangle. Not to mention a coven of witches that can’t die. I will take the bad acting and poor writing just to see Daniel look at Jenna. There are some really corny special effects; a vase of flowers ignites with their passion. Stupid stuff like that but I am not watching that part of the screen if you know what I mean.

Killian Gardiner (Daniel DiTomasso) Freya Beauchamp (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) and Dash Gardiner (Eric Winter)




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