I’m going to vegas in the morning….

A little weekend getaway to Las Vegas is just what I need. My projects here at work are going backwards rather than forward. Go-live dates are drifting into the future. Unlike Obamacare though, I won’t be releasing a not ready for prime time product.

Lost wages as many people refer to it is our neighbor to the South that has plenty of sunshine while we freeze to death in snow. It is a 8 hour drive so we are going to make an early start of it. The best route is to go East on HWY 80 to Fallon and then take HWY 95 the rest of the way. Fallon is about 1 hour from Reno so we usually stop there for breakfast. It’s cowboy country.

After Fallon there is a lot of dessert and nothingness. We go past Walker Lake. The Navy test nuclear submarine there. We come into the Military town of Hawthorne on the other side of the lake. From there it is just small mining and ghost towns. Tonopah has a few people and comes the closest to looking alive. We sometimes stop there for lunch.

Next stop, Beatty, gateway to hell er ah I mean Death Valley. And then you can almost see the lights of Vegas past all the “Ranches” aka trailers with loose women.

It is a long drive but I hate flying. Once you get there on the plane, having wasted several hours at the airport, you still need to rent a car. It really doesn’t save that much time in the long run and Ricky loved to drive.

As I said before we are meeting our son and his tattooed lady at the hotel. This will be my first time staying at Sliverton. It is a really nice little casino on the edge of town that has a Bass Pro Shop connected to it. We found it last trip and they sent me free rooms.


Of course it may not be warm enough to use the pool this trip.



One Response to “I’m going to vegas in the morning….”

  1. When I dictate charts, Las Vegas is always printed as “Lost Vegas”. I find this grand; I don’t often stop to correct it.

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