Sleeping weight loss

I failed my first day of getting back on track. I was hungry. Not really, but it seems like whenever I even think about depriving myself of food I crave it! I had a big bowl of ice cream. Then I had a bagel with cream cheese. Then a box of vanilla wafers. Then a bowl of nuts. I could go on….There is no excuse for this behavior. I have a problem.

If it were just a matter of eating till one is full, I would not be overweight. I eat because I can, because I like it. It brings me great pleasure. You know how they say leave room for desert. If the desert is there I will eat it no matter how full I am. My cravings continue long past full. Then I become miserable. I don’t know how to control this problem.

When I was younger I could deprive myself of food and lose weight quickly. That mechanism is broken now. Exercise is probably my only solution. I hate exercise. I used to go to the gym, but I didn’t workout. I used the pool, the Jacuzzi, played with some dumbbells, nothing that would contribute to weight loss. I used to ride my bike. I have tried exercycles but they are so boring. Why can’t I just go to sleep and wake up thin? Supposedly, a lack of sleep will cause weight gain. I wonder how long I need to sleep to lose 80 pounds.

This guy’s picture is in an article about sleeping and weight loss. I am sorry but even if I lose weight, I am not going to look like him!

In terms of the study design, they included 10 overweight, middle-aged,  participants of each gender (7 men, 3 women;  mean age 41 +/- 5 years).  The study participants were essentially confined to a hospital like setting so that their caloric intake and sleep could be closely monitored.
In terms of diet interventions, the subjects consumed a calorie reduced diet composed of approximately 90% of their required caloric intake.  Participants also cycled through two different phases of the study–one of which involved sleeping 8.5 hours per night while the other just 5.5 hours.
Though participants lost weight during both phases of the study (about 6.6 lbs each phase), they lost a greater proportion of body fat when they slept more.  This amounted to approximately 3.1 lbs of body fat during the longer sleep phase compared to just 1.3 lbs during the other phase.  The rest of the weight loss was attributed to lean body mass from muscle tissue and body organs.

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