Happy birthday sis

My sister’s birthday is tomorrow. Becky Sue will be 57 years old. It seems like yesterday she was protecting me on the beach from bullies. Sis is 4 years older and always looked out for me when we were growing up. We fought like cats and dogs but she stood up for me when no one else would. I didn’t have to tell her I was gay, she knew. She wasn’t happy about it and she constantly tried to fix me up on dates. But she knew.

We don’t see each other much anymore. She lives in Port Hueneme with her own family and I live here in Reno with Ricky. I know she is there for me if I need her. I try to be there for her as well. I love you Beckaboo!

I miss the ocean!

The Horseshoe club downtown opened in 1956.

The Primadonna Casino

My sister loves to gamble. But recent financial situations have curtailed her ability to visit us. I told her she could come visit without gambling, but much like my addition to food, it would be like going to a buffet and not eating.

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