AMA Nightmare before Tday!

I was watching the AMAs last night and my partner noted how much Taylor Swift looks like Peter Pan in “Once Upon a Time”. There are some similarities. In fact, Robbie Kay could pass for a bother.



Okay so the modern up to date image of Taylor is much blonder, but you can’t deny the resemblance.


I think she might be blowing some pixy dust here!

As long as I had to watch the AMAs, what is up with all these “white” soul, hip hop, and R&B acts? I blame Vanilla Ice and Robin Thick! And seriously, did we need that big lip syncing cat with Miley Cyrus. Doesn’t she lip sync enough on her own or maybe she just wanted to show us her big ….naw…. I am not going there even though everyone watching already did. Thank gawd she didn’t come out on that wrecking ball.

Let’s just say this image gave me nightmares!

2 Responses to “AMA Nightmare before Tday!”

  1. Dear me!
    When I think of “AMA” I think of American Medical Association.

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