Fear and change

Change is always hard for me to deal with. I am a creature of habit. Whether we are talking about my daily routine or yearly trips to faraway places, I tend to travel in a small circle. When something disrupts the flow, I have trouble adapting. For example, we always go to this one restaurant for lunch on Wednesdays. We have our favorite waitress. She knows what we are going to order. It’s perfect. That waitress moved away to Washington State. Somehow the food doesn’t taste the same. We don’t order the same thing anymore. I am still struggling to enjoy my lunch there.

Change is a good thing usually. When I changed jobs it was a good thing. It has been a learning experience but now I am comfortable with how things are going. I think what I fear is the unknown. Isn’t that stupid? As children we were fearless. Fear in animals is instinctual. Fear in humans is a learned behavior. For example, you learn to fear heights, or falling, or giving a speech in public, or your ex-boyfriend. These are all things we know or learned. Change is the unknown. The granddaddy of all fear!

Of course, these are just my observations. I have no clinical background to tell you what fear is and how you should react to it. But I know what I am afraid of and the unknown or change is at the top of my list.

It’s not a rational thing. That is probably, why I fear it.

Of course this is different than my fear – I am not afraid of the dark! But I like what is being said.

Frisky women attack man. Now that is something I fear!!!



One Response to “Fear and change”

  1. I tell patients all the time change is hard as real change is always uncomfortable. Who wants that? But that is why it’s called growing pains.

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