Waiting for Java….

I have a hard time waking up in the morning. First thing after the alarm, I stumble into the living room, turn on a light and wonder half asleep into the kitchen to start making coffee. I go to the front door and get the paper. Bump up the heat, turn on the TV and sit to watch the news followed by “Good Morning America”. By the time GMA is on I have had my coffee and am in the kitchen again making breakfast. Then I shower, dress and leave for work taking a cup of Joe with me in the car.

When something happens to disrupt this flow, an early morning meeting or project, the whole day seems to be off. The coffee maker has a timer, but that would require me to set it up before I go to bed. Too much bother and half the time the clock on the coffee maker is wrong so we get cold coffee made in the middle of the night or have to push start anyway.


Kronos Devours His Children

So that is my coffee addition. Today is Thursday. Every other Thursday I have to login to “Kronos”, our timekeeping system, and approve my timecard. Guess what, this program is dependent on Java too. It takes forever to load and sometimes I have to task kill it and try again. Thank goodness I have my coffee. It is comforting to know my desk partner the PC is slow in the mornings just like me.


The story of Kronos is quite disturbing, although I have been known to bite off a few heads without my java.


One Response to “Waiting for Java….”

  1. Roger ,
    Never acquired the coffee habit even though both of my parents had the habit. Neither of my brothers did either. I don’t know why, because I don’t remember our parents forbidding us to drink coffee. However, I am addicted to Doritos.

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