Vacation plans

It has been hard for me this week. I was on-call. Work is crazy these days. But I need to focus on important things like blogging and going on vacation.

We are going to Hawaii in May. It will be Ricky’s 65th birthday and our 15th anniversary. We have not been back to Hawaii since 2006. It is one of Ricky’s favorite destinations. We are taking our friend from Sacramento with us too. (This will provide me with a break from our constant bickering er ah loving communications.) I am sure you know what I am talking about. If you don’t than you are not in a relationship.

We have booked a new place. I hope it turns out to be nice. We have eaten there before but never stayed in the hotel. It’s on Waikiki so it can’t be too bad no matter what.


One Response to “Vacation plans”

  1. how lovely!
    I hope this is a fabulous holiday on all accounts.

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