Let it go….here we come!

I have been thinking a lot, actually, way too much about things. It has kept me awake. My mind doesn’t shut off. When this happens the only way I am able to go back to sleep is to act on whatever I am thinking about. So, the other night I was answering work emails at 1:30 am. Crazy right? I took some Excedrin and went back to bed at 2:30 am. I don’t know which thing helped me go back to sleep, probably both. As a result of these sleepless nights, my eyes have extra baggage. I must have aged 10 years. As proof they gave me a senior discount yesterday!

On to more interesting things, there is a couple here in Reno that has entered the gay wedding contest. It is not just any gay wedding contest, it’s called “My Big Fat (Il)legal Wedding.” The couple was planning a wedding in May but if they win this contest it will be pushed up to April and be paid for by the ACLU. It is romantic (if you go for this sort of stuff). They plan to get married riding on horseback over the California border. The contest may have different ideas, but the notion is that they will be like the first pioneers going to California to seek the good life. So far this contest has only been seen on social media, but today it was on the front page of the Reno Gazette-Journal, our big fat redneck paper. (Well actually the paper is on the liberal side for these parts but the content is mostly conservative, especially on the Opinion page.)

Okay, so let’s not get into the fact that one of them holds a stereotype job, hair dresser. Aren’t the adorable in this photo? If they win it’s $5,000 for their wedding.

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