Fat and content, but not really happy about it….

My plans to lose weight were sabotaged this weekend in Santa Cruz. I am attempting to get back on track this week. Rick and I have a plan to lose 20 lbs or more by the time we go to Hawaii. We are also looking into getting a marriage license while we are there. We want to get married on our anniversary, May 5th. No fan fare, just a license and a justice of the peace. We don’t know anyone in Hawaii and it is too short a notice to get them to come from the mainland. It was suggested that we celebrate when we get back.

After careful consideration, there really isn’t anyone here in Reno to party with either. Most of Rick’s friends are from work back in Modesto. My friends are from work here. It would be a lopsided event at best, assuming anyone would come at all. We were just discussing how much work it is to make friends at our age. People come with too much baggage. I don’t what to become a ride to the doctors either. So we have a small circle of friends which we can celebrate with one on one over time. No party.

Our friend from Sacramento is going with us. She will be witness and picture taker. I have been looking on line for matching Hawaiian shirts. We stopped at Tom B’s but no dice. They don’t carry the bigger sizes in the store. Another reason to lose weight!

I wanted a beach ceremony. Something like this:

But so far Ricky has not agreed. He thinks it is a waste of money since no one will be there but us. I say “who else matters”.

Of course, we could still roll around in the surf like “From Here to Eternity”

Burt Lancaster is so hot!


One Response to “Fat and content, but not really happy about it….”

  1. waste of money????
    Share this with Rick – I had a patient who collected wine. He found a woman with similar interests. As they packed up to drive to their wedding in Napa (of course!) he put into the suitcase a few bottles of their best wines. She said “Hey, I thought we were saving that for a special occasion?” He began to put it back when they both realized the folly of this. I can’t think of anything better than your ceremony to have a bit of ritual. Vacations are not to ;’save money’ anyway.
    i hope he changes his mind.

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