Idol time

I have been having so much fun here at work that I have not been able to update my blog. (Ha!)

How about those Olympic games? I hate them. All the regular TV has gone to reruns, so I am watching American Idol. I really like the new judges, Harry, Jen, and Keith. They actually give out good advice that is useful to the contestants. Imagine that! Last night it became crystal clear the difference between the new panel and the old. Randy came back as a mentor.

Mentor my ass. Dog you need to go for good. He actually just did little interviews and let Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry do most of the mentoring. It was called Randy Jackson’s Boot Camp though. Geeez!

Tonight the votes are in and we will have our top 13. Ten are picked by the voters and 3 are wildcards from each of the judges.



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