Do you believe in Magic?

“Well…… have a wedding date set for 4 PM on May 5th at Magic Island Honolulu!! ”

I have always wondered what it would be like to get a proposal of marriage. I guess I will never know. The above email from Ricky is the best I am going to get. I did talk him into more than just a quickie on the court house steps!

We are getting married on Magic Island. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? So far we have not told anyone, but our friends in Santa Rosa. Ricky emailed them. I told him the phone would ring once they read the news, and it did. They said they might surprise us and show up in Hawaii. Wouldn’t that be grand?

Not this one! But you never know. Maybe we will see a mermaid! (I am sure I will have some Pizza, ha!)

I have never seen this movie.

This is Magic Island, Hawaii. It is actually a peninsula.

We hired a woman to perform the ceremony. She came cheap and she will take picture with our camera for free! She is a very nice lady. Ricky talked to her on the phone. We are going to go find shirts the first day and get our wedding license. Ricky knows a place to get cheap lays. (Don’t go there! You’re so naughty!). I am happy! Maybe we can get some new rings made too, but probably not in time for the ceremony. We’ll see.

Okay, so we are a couple of grumpy old farts getting married. Who cares right?






One Response to “Do you believe in Magic?”

  1. This is splendid news; I am glad for you both !

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