Staring at stairs is daunting

In a effort to get back on track I came to work and finished off the peanut M&Ms.   Not such a good start is it? Seriously though…. I did try to make smarter side choices at lunch.  I had tri-tip without the roll.  I got cottage cheese instead of curly fries.  I had ice tea instead of coke.  Now if I can just continue to make smart choice I should start to see some results.  Oh and I took the stair not the elevator!  I know, exercise is such a dirty word, but working it into my day makes it that much easier.

When I take the stairs I can’t look up.  It seems impossible.  I have to look at each step and take them one at a time and before I know it  I am at the top.   A little out of breath at first, but it’s all good.



These inside stairs have a landing which is a deterrent for me because it stops the flow upward.   I use the outside stairs that climb from ER up to the roof in one flight and use my roof key to get into my office.  It seems like less steps but I am sure it is the same.  The roof stairs are the result of many remodels and additions to the hospital which have trapped these old stairs behind a door from the parking lot that I happen to have a key to open.  It is odd because you open the door instead of entering the building you are faced with stairs and are still outside.   Baby steps right?    If I can do this I can work up to more physical things.


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