The root of all evil

Chips are the root of all evil.   Today at lunch I had a 2 ounce bag.



Dirty Potato Chips! And they are! Those things ruin my diet every time!   And you see there on the label, they are crunchier and tastier.   Who asked them to do that ….do you see that on a bag of celery?  I think not.



It just say Dole, as in dole it out and enjoy, right?   Ha!


2 Responses to “The root of all evil”

  1. Next time try eating half a bag instead of the whole bag. Save the other half for another time. This way you will satisfy your craving, but not over indulge.

  2. You’ve got that spot-on. All chips are linked to the adjective ‘nasty’ in our house.

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