Wedding crasher?

I have one month left (tomorrow) to do something about my weight before we get married in May.  I have been thinking that maybe a crash diet is in order.   I will stop all “nasty” foods for the next month.   Surly I could lose 30 or more pounds.  (I am serious and don’t call me Shirley!)


Of course,  I am not being practical.  But I don’t want to look like the guest of honor at the Luau either.


Remember that couple from Reno I was telling you about?




Brian and Jereomy



They won the contest!   Go to the site for details….

Unfortunately they have not posted them at this writing.  It says coming soon!

From RGJ:

A Reno gay couple is among the top vote getters for the American Civil Liberties Union’s $5,000 wedding sweepstakes, “My Big Gay Illegal Wedding.”

“People have promoted this to everyone (on social media),” said Jeromy Manke, who has been engaged to Brian Jensen since June 2012. “That really helped out a lot with support. And I hate to say it, but we’ve been totally filling up our friends’ newsfeeds (on Facebook).”

Manke and Jensen found out about the ACLU contest in December and received more than 4,800 votes so far, which places them third overall among more than 150 couples in the contest as of ..

You have to pay to read the rest….geez!


One Response to “Wedding crasher?”

  1. Crash diets work – temporarily You loose a lot of weight but alas it is water and lean mass, not fat. But for 1 month needs for photos, it would work.

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