Reflections of….

So here I am on day 4 of my crash diet.  I hopped on the scales and am down 3 pounds.  Yeah!   I know this may just be “water weight” but it sure is encouraging.

What have I done?   Lets see, for starters I have not had any “french fries” or nasty “chips”.   I have avoided empty calories as much as possible.   Okay, I lied, yesterday I had a small bag of chips with my sandwich.  But I got the 1 oz instead of the 2 oz..   You can’t go cold turkey or you won’t stick to it.

What else?  We measured our spaghetti.   There is a gadget that measures portions.   I had less but I really didn’t notice the difference. This is key:  portion control.

I have cut sweets or changed the kind.   For example I had raspberry sherbet instead of rocky road.  I used a cup instead of a bowl.  Again portion control and not deprivation.

Yes, it is only day three.  But I am liking the results and it really isn’t that hard!

I love the way they look like a big disco ball and it wasn’t even invented yet.  I am working on my disco ball stomach!




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