It’s good Friday!   Every Friday is good, but this one is the real deal.   I am not a religious person, in the sense that I don’t go to church.  I am not a member of a congregation.   But that doesn’t mean that I am not a Christian.   What I take away from Christianity is how to live my life.  I think it is important to respect other people and treat them fairly.

My dad goes to church every Sunday.  He was a deacon and an elder, but now he is to weak to carryout those duties.  He is a true Christian in my eyes.  He doesn’t just go through the motions, he lives it.  I aspire to be like him in that regard.  He understands and respects my life style too.    My mother told me never to tell my dad when she first found out I was gay.  My dad came to me.  He handed me a book that his minister had given him.  It was about understanding homosexuality.   He said to me “I understand” and we hugged.   It was a great moment in my life.

Yesterday was a very challenging day for me.  We fired someone and while he may have deserved to lose his job, he is a person and it was very emotional for me.  As a Christian I wanted to give him one more chance.  Management had a different opinion.  Rationally, they were right.  They had already given him a second chance.   The boss was in a meeting, so I had to deal with the sad goodbye.

I have had to fire people in the past. It is not something I enjoy doing….ever.  We are making a change to their lives and it is not the kind we learned from Jesus.

Jesus gave us a second chance, forgiveness!




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  1. what a lovely entry! Thank you for this !

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