Crunch time

I am halfway to Hawaii in my mind.  Unfortunately, I have 11 days to wait. It is also unfortunate that I have not met my weight loss goal yet either.  I am going to forgive myself for failing to lose on Easter.  Besides we had house guest all weekend. But now it is crunch time.

If you think that means I am going to be doing stomach crunches (Ha!), not hardly.  You remember that disco ball stomach I have makes that feat almost impossible anyway.  I am going to be watching what I eat more closely.   I am going to start walking (wait the weather man is predicting rain.)   No excuses,  I need to get moving.


I have made some progress to my goal but I am not going to get there without really getting serious.  (Easter candy be damned!).   There are so many things to do to prepare for this wedding.   We have been shopping for clothes.  I found a shirt.  We both found matching linen pants.  We will probably shop for matching shirts once we get to Honolulu.  Haven’t had much luck finding them here, but I got one as a backup.  There is no time to make them (plus I am out of practice) but it will all come together I am sure.   We are getting leis in Chinatown after we arrive (flowers!!).  Both of us have been working on our lily white skin.  We don’t want to be red and sunburn for pictures.

I got a new phone.  The Galaxy S5.   The camera has a beauty setting.  It actually air brushes my complexion to make be look 10 years younger.  It’s magic.


More like this or should I wear orchids?



One Response to “Crunch time”

  1. I think orchids are called for.

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