One week – thighs and whispers

Women plan their wedding days from the time they are little girls.   Here I am 53 years old with my first wedding one week from today.   I too dreamed of marrying a handsome prince when I was a boy and now that dream is becoming a reality.   Of course, I imagined us much younger, but he is my prince charming.  I also imaged that I was Barbie but that’s another story.

Preparing for my wedding has involved filing for a license over the internet.  Ricky took care of that.    Hiring a minister over the internet.   Ricky took care of that too.  Packing for a 10 vacation in Hawaii.  We are doing that now.   Once we get there we will go to the flea market and look for matching shirts.   Monday morning we will go to Chinatown and pick up our leis for the ceremony and then at 4 o’clock we will be on Magic Island getting married.

I got my haircut this weekend.  I decided to get it pretty short because it is going to be hot and muggy over there.  I sent a picture to my mom.  Her response was “Boy it looks pretty short”.  See for yourself  below.



 Selfie in the car after the haircut (look closely and you can see I used the beauty setting! Airbrushing!)

Funny thing happened yesterday.  Well, I thought it was funny, Ricky might not.   He comes running out from the bathroom and asks me to look at his thighs.  “Look at this!  Look at all this loose hanging skin! ” .  He was distressed.   I sadly informed him that when you lose 30 pounds your skin doesn’t bounce back like when you were in your 20s.   Apparently, this was the first time he had seen this in the mirror and was shocked.   He wants to get the skin removed.  I told him no one is going to see it under his shorts but me.  He said “But look it swings like an old ladies arms.”   I just smiled.  Maybe if we go walking it will tighten up.  We have not been able to do much walking.  It actually snowed again on Friday. (I am not going to share a picture of his thighs, thank you very much!).



 The plane!  The Plane!

 tattoo_fantasy_islandFantasy Island — look at those leis!


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  1. This is all so exciting! Do keep us/me posted!

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