Neck problems

The whole diet thing has fallen by the way side.  I am so disappointed in myself.  Every morning I tell myself I have to get in shape.  Then I let things happen all day long.   Whether it’s cookies at work or chips at a Mexican restaurant or ice cream before I go to bed……or sometimes all of the above,  I make excuses and my weight remains unchanged.  I have been able to stop the climb but I can’t seem to start the descent.

Look at those wedding pictures.  For @#$% sake where is my #$%^ing  neck.   Which reminds me of “The Rocky Horror Show”, that was something we used to yell at the screen.


Looking at this picture I see that I am in far worse shape!   I don’t know if people still go to the midnight show.  Funny thing about that….I went once, maybe twice.  But my parents thought I went more times then that…it was an excuse to be out late (and dress in odd outfits!).


Bring on the lips and lets do the time warp again!

Maybe I should take a queue from the movie when it comes to my diet.  ” Don’t dream it.  Be it”


(Note:  I just realized this movie will be 39 years old in August.  I will be 54 in September. I went to the midnight show with coworkers form Montgomery Ward (a store similar to Sears that is no more).  I was 17.  Damn that was a long time ago.)


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