Ring bumps

Okay,  so I have been holding back on this story until it had a happy ending.  (Not that kind!). I lost my wedding ring!   Isn’t that horrible.  I only had it for 3 days. We went to Hanauma Bay and I went snorkeling and low and behold when we were ready to leave my ring was missing!


 Somewhere out there beneath the clear blue…sea.

Someone with a metal detector is going to find an nice prize.  Unless a fish ate it.  I was so upset I couldn’t speak.   I searched the sand near our chairs and towels.


Or buried in the sand!

Then it hit me that it must have slipped of in the water. You see your fingers shrink (among other things, remember Seinfield and George’s shrinkage.)

Anyway,  my ring was gone! Rick called the jewelry store to order a replacement.   The price had doubled!  But after telling the man our sad story he gave us the same price we paid the first time.  The ring came last week.  Yeah!


Of course, I have been getting lectured about losing it. So we took it to a local jeweler and had bumps added to the inside. You’re not supposed to feel these bumps and they keep your ring on!  Rick had them added to his too.


Ring sizing bumps.

Well, the first day these bumps bothered me.  I made the mistake of telling Rick.  He went off on how we never should have got them in the first place and how first I lost mine and now all I do is complain…blah blah blah.  I have a filter for this kind of non-sense so I am not sure of his exact arguments. You don’t stay together for 15 years without a filter and knowing when to shut up and let him vent.  Of course, sometimes we argue about me not listening!  The filter needs some fine tuning.

So now I say nothing.  He asks me and I say the ring is just perfect.   The dents in my finger will surely callous over and all will be well. Actually,  if I am not swollen (the opposite of shrinkage) from salty food I really don’t notice them.

P.S.  I will soon brake a record.  I have been wearing this ring for 3 days.


One Response to “Ring bumps”

  1. yikes what a story. I am certain if I were to marry I would lose the ring in 24 hours.

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