Crazy thoughts

On the way to work today I saw a woman walking along the banks of the river talking to herself.   Normally, I wouldn’t give this a second thought but today the clouds were just right in the sky.   It was eerie. The woman was not just talking to herself but bobbing up and down. The wind caught her blond thick long hair and blew it in such a way that it reminded me of an Indian doing some sort of native dance.  I thought to myself  maybe she is communicating between worlds. Maybe all crazy people do.

Now you’re saying Jeff is crazy.  Well, she wasn’t in native cloths unless you consider Walmart pajama bottoms and a hoody native attire. (Actually, the local tribe here has a Walmart…hmmm).

As the mighty Truckee river meanders through Reno on its way to Pyramid Lake (also on the reservation) and the clouds blow across the high desert I can hear her faint whispers to an unknown god.  You’re right.  Jeff is Crazy.  (All I had for lunch today was a salad.  I may be hallucinating a lot!)



One Response to “Crazy thoughts”

  1. Sometimes it is lovely to be released from the yoke of custom and convention. Putting reality on the back burner now and then is a nice idea.

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