Dear Jeffy

Recently,  I have allowed myself to become absorbed into other peoples problems.   First there was my co-worker who went to rehab. This situation got better.  He came back to work for a week and was a new man. Now he is on a golf vacation.  I am worried that he will return to us a mess all over again.

Now, another co-worker has told me about her situation with her boyfriend. I don’t want to be Dear Abby and yet here I am.  I truly don’t have great advice for these people, but I can offer them support and compassion.  I guess that is something after all.


What is it about me that people feel they should share their intimate secrets?  I mean it.  I know more about some of the waitresses in town than I know about my own relatives.  I hear about their health.  I hear about their love life.  I hear about their wild weekends.  And tragically, I hear about their fights and injuries.  It is a world of hurt!

I guess I must appear sensitive an caring.  Lord knows I can’t keep a secret.  Here I am telling all of you about total strangers. The thing is I actually care about these people and it hurts me to hear their sad stories. I sometimes lose sleep over it.  Isn’t that ridiculous?  I am sure there is some archetype that would label me.  I can come up with one. Sap. These people dump on me and I sap it up.  More commonly referred to as an “old sap” or a fool.


Let’s have some tea and you can tell me all your problems.


One Response to “Dear Jeffy”

  1. You have a gift that way. Many do but many don’t relish it. It isn’t something of course you have to profess. If you are a whiz at throwing a ball this doesn’t mean you are obliged to join a softball league. Setting boundaries is a challenge always.

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