guten-printer_rik_olsonwpid-20140628_122303.jpg wpid-20140628_122350.jpg wpid-20140628_124818.jpg wpid-20140628_124759.jpg wpid-20140628_122524.jpg wpid-20140628_122548.jpg wpid-20140628_124727.jpg wpid-img_0592.jpg wpid-img_0589.jpg


This was quite an interesting event we stumbled on in Sebastopol this weekend.  As part of the Bibliophoria exhibit at the Center for the Arts, they held a “Street Printing Festival”.

First the artist hand-carves sheets of “battleship” linoleum.  These sheets are then inked, placed on a wooden block on the ground and then paper is carefully paced on top of them.    Once the paper has been rubbed down a large sheet is stretched over the block.   Care is taken to remove wrinkles which can have an adverse effect on the end results.  Then two large sheet of heavy felt are placed on top of that, and finally  the pavement roller drives over it and backs over it.

In the photo above I am getting one signed by the artist, Emily G. Robinson.





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