Red white and blue….mostly blue


Everyone is gone for the holiday weekend.  I am stuck here at work managing problems.  The system crashed again this morning.   So much fun getting it all figured out and back up and running. Not!!

In less than two hours I can go home and forget about this place for a few days.  Or at least try to. Work has a way of invading my life.  Every time  the phone buzzes I jump, even though I am not on call, I am tethered to that place with my android.  It makes me angry.   I don’t want to be angry.

My dad went into the hospital ER on Monday.  That was scary too. He thought he was having a heart attack.   Six and a half hours later they sent him home and told him it was some sort of muscle pain and to see his doctor.  (Wait a minute aren’t they doctors?)

Anyway,  he is going to be 80 this October. I wanted to do something special but I am fresh out of ideas.  All of his friends live in Southern Cal and are not physically able to travel (no they are not all dead!).  So maybe when my sister visits we can come up with something.   Probably just visiting him would be enough and celebrating the fact that he is still here.

I am on such a downer here maybe I should end it all (this post!) now. Look for something happy here soon.


One Response to “Red white and blue….mostly blue”

  1. be happy soon!

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