Positive spin….maybe not so much

I have been trying to find something positive in my negative world to write about.  Maybe I just need to put a positive spin on things instead.   Work has afford me the opportunity to do more work.  We are being asked to support another group, transcriptionists.   You see they are working overtime and weekends and this is costing too much money so if we cover nights and weekends we are salary and it costs them nothing.  One problem.  I am not a transcriptionist.


Management seems to think that all it involves is clearing locked records in the dictation system and managing the voice recognition server.  This i could do.  But of course there is more to it than that. We would have to be able to write an addendum and make corrections to reports.   Not going to happen!  We are not trained in medical terminology and besides that how is this an IT function? I hope my boss comes back from maternity leave soon and straightens these people out.  So much for a positive spin.  Well I am happy my boss is coming back on the 23rd.

What other wonderful things are happening?  Our friend from Sacramento is visiting this weekend.  Ricky is baking a cheese cake, her favorite.

South-African_Rose_baked_Cheese_CakeWe make her take the leftovers home.  I don’t need that kind of stuff around the house. It some how ends up in my stomach.

I think part of my downer is due to our friend that visited last weekend.  She came alone without her sister.   Her sister had a bout with cancer.  I believe I have written about this before.  The sad thing is that she survived the cancer but has given up on living.  She is content to stay in bed, watch TV, and eat sweets all the time.  She doesn’t want to do anything.  From talking with her sister is sounds like she isn’t thinking clearly anymore. They call it “chemobrain”.  I call it lack of rehab.  She was supposed to go to an extensive rehab program but she refused and her family let her.  As a friend who lives 4 hours away there isn’t much I can do to help.  I feel sad.  



I guess chemobrain is a real thing.  But choosing not to go to therapy when you have been given a second chance on life just seems ridiculous.  I still love her and pray for some sort of recovery/intervention.




3 Responses to “Positive spin….maybe not so much”

  1. This isn’t chemobrain; this is depression. It is hell seeing our loved ones suffer when it is not necessary.

  2. I wish I had a friend to come and bake a cheesecake. That looks delish! Quick put a slice in the freezer before she leaves.

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