Rambling on about gay stereotypes and such


Have you ever noticed the references gay society uses to plays and the movies.  Of course, we all know the link to Judy Garland and the Wizard of Oz.. Phrases about flying monkeys and houses falling on people, rainbows and the like.

There is a fascination with Joan Crawford, both her own films and the infamous “Mommy Dearest”.  We talk about hanger and rodeos like these are common points of reference for anyone who is gay.


We supposedly love Betty Davis. “Fasten your seat belts, it going to be a bumpy night”.  “Whatever happened to Baby Jane” was the perfect marriage of two of our favorites. “Because ya are Blanche, ya are.”

We love to quote anything from a Divine/John Waters movie.  Polyester, Female Problems, Hair Spray, Pink Flamingos are all fair game.

Then we move into the more obscure references to the movie “The Women”.  Jungle Red and Summer Rain for example.


Okay so why are we obsessed with these actresses and movies? I think it is the bitchiness that drag queens pick up on and relate too.  There is also the tragic element when we think of Garland and her life.  (And the living tragedy her daughter Liza.)

These women express themselves in a way we aspire to.  They are “out there”.  Maybe we have mothers that behave in a similar fashion too. It’s about being noticed too for some of us. Wanting to be special.  We enjoy the plotting and scheming aspects as well.  It’s what we want to do to someone else but are too nice to follow through.  These women do it for us.  It is the role that the drag queen plays in our quest for equality.   

The leather scene is the opposite of this and yet it is the same.  We take our macho images to the extreme as well.  Brando, Flynn, and even Selleck come to mind.  The leather movement has done as much as the drag queen to foster equality.


Many people today think these extreme examples of our life style are inappropriate and even laughable. I chose to embrace them as heroes.

I would like to think that these symbols are changing for the next generation.  Society has become more accepting of our life style.  We don’t need someone to fight for us as much anymore.  And sadly we are becoming the norm in many circles.  As much as I hated being teased all my life I am not sure I know how to be accepted.

It’s sort of like that old saying, be careful what you wish for.  We might be over the rainbow but are we any happier for it.


2 Responses to “Rambling on about gay stereotypes and such”

  1. Yes it is mostly about the bitchy but glamorous elements of these divas (combined with their lavish lifestyles and the beaus in there life). Did you not know AbFab are really about two gay men in drag?

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