It is going to be 104 here today.  It’s not supposed to get that hot in Northern Nevada, Vegas yes, but not here. Yesterday I decided it was time to wear sandals.  I have always been embarrassed by my toes.  But then I realized.  I am so damn fat nobody is looking at my toes and I can’t see them either. It is amazing how much cooler one is without socks and hot leather shoes.  I wish now that I could wear them to work.


The neat thing is I had to buy a smaller size.  That always makes me happy.  I wear an 11 in most shoes but in sandals a 9. (If only my waist would follow suit!)

Now I am thinking pedicure.  Maybe some red nail polish!



Upon hearing the doctor knock at her door, Denise immediately buries herself under the bed covers, though it is clear that her wet polish must be smearing the sheets. She extinguishes her cigarette in an ashtray located conveniently next to an open bottle of champagne. She then begins to cough and deploys her most feeble-sounding voice to instruct the doctor to enter her chambers.

I lifted that passage from another site about perfume of all things.

Ladbrini with Jeremy Edwards and Will Mellor

 I definitely want some of that candy!

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