Reflections of death


The tragic death of Robin Williams caused me to reflect on my own life. Here was a guy who made people laugh. His public persona was positive and warm.  And yet he was not a happy man.

I look at my life and I see an unhappy person.  I reflect that unhappiness on other people a good deal of the time.  And yet I still choose to live.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not a gloomy person.  I make the best of things.  I just don’t have the positive sunshiny day out look.   What I have found that motivates me is helping people be successful.   Nothing brings me more joy then when someone complements me on my excellent support.  Of course, I put myself down and deny that I am all that wonderful, but I love to be complemented.  Who doesn’t?  A few kind words can change a glum day into a spectacular day.

If I were Robin’s friend I would have been there to give him that emotional support.  Not to say that the people around him were not supportive.  I just think they were not aware of how deeply troubled he was. *  I am thankful that I have never been there.  I snapped out of it.  Reality is too much a part of me.  I know things will get better or worse but I am a survivor and I want those around me to survive too.

What I need to work on is being more positive about life.  If I could be the happy guy Robin was on stage I would have it all.  But maybe it is my pessimism that makes me a survivor.  I look for bad things to happen and when they don’t I am relieved and overjoyed, if only for a moment.

For example, I have been working on a project here at work that looks like it is not going to reach a happy conclusion, but the manager sent me an email complimenting be on my work so far.  This encouraged me to go the extra mile and make it happen.  I now see hope that we might success by the end of the week.   Just that one positive influence and I could see a solution that I was missing before.

I hope Robin finds his happiness in the afterlife.  I am sure they are laughing in heaven right now.  Rest in peace kind sir.



*Recent reports indicate how supportive his family and friend truly were to him.  Sometimes we just can’t help the ones we love.  I think he needed professional help.  I also think maybe he wanted to be found before he finished the job which sadly didn’t happen.


2 Responses to “Reflections of death”

  1. To love and be loved, I think that is the purpose of life. I know we all have our down periods at times but we get through those valleys. But sometimes the overwhelming tiredness just gets to some of us. I think as long as we have something to hope for, someone to live for, we’re safe. If not, then what is the purpose of life? I think if I had no one to care for or care for me, I would end it too. Fortunately I do have someone to care for and who cares for me. But even if the only living thing I had to care for and care for me was a pet, I would opt for life than to take my own life. We all want that peace. Robin found his and it was his choice to make.

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