Apocalypse or just life?


Witch burning

What’s the matter Jeff?  Why are you so pensive and down all the time?  Let me count the reasons.   My sister called to tell me she was put on administrative leave.   She has been on leave for 3 weeks and they have not told her any specifics on what the investigation is about.  The union has told her not to speak to any one at her work until they call her and then not without a union rep present.    It all sounds so scary.   She can only imagine what is going on and those thought are depressing.  She was told “this is not a vacation”.  She is  expected to be able to come into work within 30 minutes should they call and ask her to, during normal working hours.  It’s a witch hunt, that’s what it is and she is a prisoner in her own home util they set the date for the burning. As you can imagine this is very upsetting for our entire family.



Improvement committee

Aside from this drama, projects are out of control here at work.  I am on-call this week.  Problems with the satellite dish.  The improvement committee came to the last homeowners meeting torches lit complaining about everything. They had a long list and Ricky is President so I got to hear it all.  All my co-workers want to talk about is the “walking dead”. They have all been watching it on Netflix.  I guess I am odd man out. What little I have seen does not interest me.  Maybe a zombie Apocalypse would solve everything.


Portland house on Grimm


Zombie Apocalypse

I wasn’t going to unload all of this on to my blog but it feels good to get it out.  On the balance, Rick’s brother got a new house.  His niece and her husband are coming for the weekend. My mother signed on with a new broker.  I had a wonderful time in Portland.  We are going to Las Vegas for my birthday.


Lost Wages


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