Universal awareness


My outlook on things recently changed.   I got a call from my father.  He needed help with his computer.  While we were scanning for viruses and malware, we talked.  It was just the usual  stuff about how he was doing and news for family back East.  What was different was how I reacted to it.   I was thinking, isn’t this wonderful that I can have a conversation with my dad who will be turning 80 in October.

The last time we visited I got caught up in how bad his health was or at least I perceived it as such.  I was thinking, is this how I will be when I get his age?  But this time was different.  We were having a conversion and I felt like my dad and I were sharing a moment.  Sure his hearing isn’t that great and I had to repeat myself a few times, but we were talking and I was enjoying the time we shared, even if I was fixing his computer for the umpteenth time.    He wasn’t stuttering.   This was a first.  When he gets excited he has trouble getting words out.  This is not your usual stuttering, it is related to his health.  It was refreshingly missing.  For that 30 minutes I had my dad.  The one I remembered.  It was wonderful.  And it made me realize he was there all the time, I just wasn’t seeing him.

I am grateful that I have been able to help my parents with things in recent years, paying them back for all the things they have done for me over the years.  For his birthday I am hoping to get him one of those chairs that pops you out.  You know what I mean.  It stands you up.  I think it will make a big difference for him.

Rick is always telling me to send out your wishes to the universe and see what comes back.   I am finally following that advice and things are coming into place.


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