Relatives and money

The drama with my sister continues.  She texted me yesterday that she had a clogged drain and had to shell out 251 dollars for a plumber. I guess I should be feeling sorry for her, but I am not.  She has manipulated me all my life and now that I live 400 miles away she has found new ways to get at me.   I love her dearly but she is going to have to work this one out on her own.  Besides she won’t listen to me anyways.  She’ll take my money but she won’t listen.

I know there should be no strings on giving people money, but I don’t have to give it either. Why should I put a strain on my budget for her to go out and do lord knows what, probably playing Bingo?

I am trying not to use this blog to belittle her. But I do get some of my frustrations out by blogging.



One Response to “Relatives and money”

  1. I have been away in Canada; I am now catching up on blog-reads. I hope the sister thing works out. Keep us posted.

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