Gym dandy

Okay, so I have been really strict with myself and have been logging my food into my phone. Yesterday I actually had leftover calories. Instead of reaching for the ice cream I went to bed.  Yeah!  I lost 4 pounds since Sunday. I am pretty sure it was all water. You will not that the meter on my page still says zero.  It won’t show any progress till I get below my original weight.

You are supposed to make friends on MyFitnessPal.  So far I have one. Some of these people look amazing. I would like to look like their before pictures let alone their afters.  So maybe my problem goes beyond with this little program can handle. Rick and I are looking into joining a gym. There is a discount membership though my work.  I have no problems joining a gym. Going is another story.

The place we are considering has a pool. I like to swim. It also has treadmills, bikes, stair masters, and people to show you how to workout. If we both go maybe I will do it. Did I mention I hate exercise. The only fun part is now I need to get something to wear to the gym and get a new gym bag.


This is supposed to be the best gym bag and the guy ain’t nothing to sneeze at either.


Does the six pack come with these shorts?

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