They are all animals!

Okay so I am really struggling with this eat less move more thing.  First off the smoke from the fires in California has put a complete shutdown on my moving at all, let alone more.

king fireKing Fire

My co-works are not helping me either.  Yesterday they all left in the afternoon.  Two came back with ice cream bars and one brought back a subway sandwich and a coke!  Yikes.  Then this morning two others came back from a meeting with a sack full of ice lemon cake, banana nut bread, and blue berry muffins from Starbucks. I looked them up and the calories range from 350 for the muffin to 480 for the cake!  I resisted (but they are still over there on the bookcase calling to me).

Starbucks - Iced Lemon Pound Cake

Eat Me Jeffy! Eeeaaat meee!

I know it is all about me and my self control.  BUT THEY ARE NOT HELPING!  I even friended our only female in the department on MyFitnessPal and you know what she had for lunch yesterday?  In n Out animal style fries!    How is that going to work for her?


Animal Fries!!

On the bright side of all of this, when I logged into Health Tracks this morning they had finally recorded my assessment and I earn the 60 points necessary for the Purple discount.   I would have to starve to death and run a 10k every morning to achieve the gold.  (There is always next year….lol)

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