Scaling down

Today was a milestone for me.  I weighed in….then i got off and on several times.  I couldn’t believe it.  I have been logging into MyFitnessPal for 15 days.  Did you notice my little badge in the sidebar?  I lost a pound.  Okay, so you’re thinking whoopee, you lost a pound.  But that is a pound from the start of this whole thing.  That means I lost the weight I gained back plus a pound.  I couldn’t be happier.  The diet is working.  I have actually lost a total of 9 pounds in 15 days.  Once I start the gym next month I am going to keep this momentum going.


This isn’t me, but I like the idea of it. I am not on the Biggest Loser show but I am probably about the third one in from the left.

Here is the funny thing.  I have been doing this for me. There is so much crap in my life that is out of control, but this is something I can control.  I have no control over our son’s choice of girl friends.  I have no control over my sister’s job situation.  I have no control over my co-workers  drinking problem.  But I can control my weight.

Another secret is that I have been taking vitamin B supplement.  At first I didn’t think it was doing anything but it is controlling some of my stress. And I am a stress eater.



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  1. Congratulations!

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