Better days

I shouldn’t post when I am upset!  Last night was great. No, I am not talking about sex.  We went to dinner with two sisters that live here in town.  It was wonderful making new friends.  We plan to get together at least once a month for dinner from now on.

The two women work at a local restaurant we frequent.   We have talked about getting together when they are off and it finally happened.   We went out for Thai.  It was very enjoyable conversation, drinks and dinner.  We talked about everything and found we had a lot in common and enough differences to make it interesting.


Next month we agreed we are going Italian and one of the girls is going to bring her boyfriend who is actual a girl right now going though the change to a man.  Who knew!   Of course we want him to come with us!  We talked about the discrimination he faces here in Reno.  It’s like a step back in time for me coming from LA where these things are more acceptable today.  I was shocked.  There are things I never thought about too. Like how the hormones are making him have to learn how to walk and control his strength.  I no idea! Now I am interested in talking with him.  He is a student at UNR.

I will update you after our dinner next month at Mario’s.


Mario’s Portofino 


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  1. please keep us posted on the updates !

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