Merry Christmas!


Three days before Christmas!  The older I get the more these holidays run together.  My weight loss program has turned in to a weight gain.  We have yet to join a gym.   My stress eating is out of control.  There is hope for better things to come.

Ricky and I will be celebrating Christmas at home this years after two years frolicking about, first in New Orleans and then Palm Springs.  Our son and two granddaughters will visit the day after.  The girls want to spend Christmas morning at their mother’s.  The presents will stay under the tree one extra day (bow-less thanks to the cat who has managed to eat 5 of them already!)  We will probably go to a casino for dinner on the actual day and then make dinner for the family over the weekend.

I am sure you are all having similar situations. Is seems as family members scatter about and divorce and remarry, it becomes a challenge.  That’s why we left town for 2 years. No challenge, just threw in the the towel. But as the song goes, “I’ll be home for Christmas.” We may even get some snow.


I love this movie.  Along with “Holiday Inn” it is one that I always try to watch.  Thanks to the internet I now know that these guys were old.  Bing was 50, Rosemary was only 26.  Dirty old man!  I seriously doubt he would have been on the front lines like he is in the start of this picture.   I also watch the “Sound of Music Sing Along”.  Ricky was not in the mood and went in the other room.  It’s no fun singing by yourself so I just watched.

I haven’t been writing as much as I would like.  Partly because I have been so fricken busy and partly because I don’t like to write about train wrecks. Here’s to getting things back on track in the new year.


Slide Mountain from Washoe Valley


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  1. A very merry christmas to you !

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